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The Berry Glen Trail - One of Humboldt County's Best Hikes


The Berry Glen Trail is an amazing hike in an area full of incredible trails and is one of our favorites when looking to enjoy some old-growth redwoods. One of its trailheads is connected to a popular Humboldt County point of interest and the other is near a waterfall, giving visitors the chance to experience a few of Humboldt's best attractions in one visit.  

Easily accessible and well-maintained, this 7 mile out & back trail, located less than 3 miles north of Orick, is one of Humboldt's most impressive and peaceful trails. It's really easy to get lost in the beauty here as the old-growth redwoods are massive and tower above hikers as they make their way in either direction. The ferns and other plants are lush and green and the sounds of wildlife are all around. 

The trail can be accessed from both the Elk Meadows Day Use Area and Lady Bird Johnson Groove Loop (find directions to both places at the bottom of the page).  This is an uphill (3.5 miles) / downhill (3.5 miles) trail and the incline can be challenging for some hikers although manageable for most.  Regardless of where you start, if you want to add an additional 1.5 gorgeous, flat miles to your hike, take the LBJG Loop; it's worth it.   

From the day use area, it's 1/2 mile to the trailhead which is located on the east side of Highway 101.  As you're heading toward the trailhead, you'll take a short path through Elk Meadow. As you make your way through the meadow, be on the lookout for Roosevelt Elk who like to graze, relax and play in the area. It's really quite a site.

The day use area is also where visitors park to see the popular Trillium Falls so while the parking lot may fill up quickly, especially on summer weekends, it is unlikely you will encounter many hikers when you get to the Berry Glen Trail. With that being said, if you plan on visiting Trillium Falls while in the area, we recommend doing that first so it's a little less crowded.

This trail is absolutely phenomenal whether it's sunny day or the area is covered in a layer of fog so don't let the weather deter you. The fog brings with it a sense of mystery and beauty which is enhanced by the height of the trees that line this trail and the fullness of its surroundings.  

Hiking in Humboldt County, sometimes requires ducking under a redwood to get where you're going

If you decide to take-on the uphill part first, starting at the day use area, the beginning part of the trail runs along and up a ridge, parallel to Highway 101 so there will be some noise from the highway but that goes away shortly after the trail takes a left, moving east and away from the highway.  It's at this point that the trees start getting bigger and the heart of the ascent begins. You'll encounter some switchbacks along the way but for the most part, it's a pretty consistent, peaceful climb to the top and Lady Bird Johnson Grove Loop.

It's kind of surprising how peaceful this trail is considering it's between Highway 101 and the LBJG Loop, which is a very popular destination.  We always have a great time hiking this trail and it's a reminder as to why Humboldt is such an amazing place.  

Miscellaneous Notes:

There are bathroom facilities at both trailheads.

The Elk Meadow Day Use Area has picnic tables and we see Roosevelt Elk here more often than not. Don't approach the Elk.

It's easy to get lost in the beauty of the trail and forget to snack along the way.  Definitely bring some food and water with you. 

How To Get There:

The Elk Meadow Day Use Area is on Davison Road, which is off Highway 101, just a few miles north of Orick. There will be road signage as Davison Road is also the road to Fern Canyon. Click HERE for a map to this trailhead. 

You can find a map to Lady Bird Johnson Grove, which is located along Bald Hills Road, south of Davison Road --> HERE

Other Fun Things to do in the Area:

We love Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park and think you will too.  It offers hiking & biking trails, camping, wildlife spotting, beach access and so much more. 

If you're heading south, a kayak tour with Kayak Trinidad around Trinidad Bay is an fantastic experience.  They also offer kayak and paddle board rentals at Big Lagoon

The Skunk Cabbage Trail is another great trail in the area and leads hikers down to a beautiful beach.

Thanks for reading! Subscribe for more and we'll see you on the trail.  

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