Garberville - Garberville Movie Theater

766 Redwood Drive
Garberville, California 95542
Southern Humboldt
Phone: 707-923-3580

Southern Humboldt usually has some fantastic weather to get out and adventue around in but sometimes the mood strikes to go see a movie.  If you get the urge to check out some cinema, you can...

Manila - Humboldt Coastal Nature Center

220 Stamps Lane
Manila, California 95521
Northern Humboldt
Phone: 707-444-1397

The Friends of the Dunes (FOD) is a not-for-profit that has been involving the community in the conservation of coastal environments since 1982.  The FOD is known for coastal ecostystem...

McKinleyville - McKinleyville Totem Pole (World's Tallest)

1503 City Center Road
McKinleyville, California 95519
Northern Humboldt

The World's Tallest Totem Pole made from a single redwood tree is located right here in Humboldt County!  Originally carved in 1962 and re-carved in 1984, the totem pole stands 174 feet...

McKinleyville - Mill Creek Cinema

1575 Betty Court
McKinleyville, California 95519
Northern Humboldt
Phone: 707-443-3456

While we're always excited about getting out in nature and discover what NorCal has to offer, sometimes the weather just doesn't cooperate or the mood strikes to go see a movie.  If it...

Myers Flat - Shrine Drive Thru Tree

13078 Avenue of the Giants
Myers Flat, California 95554
Southern Humboldt

Everyone should drive through a Redwood Tree if they have the chance and if you're in Southern Humboldt, you have the chance!  For just a few bucks, you can drive through the Shrine Drive...

Orick - Fern Canyon

127011 Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway
Orick, California 95555
Northern Humboldt

Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, just north of Orick, offers a wide variety of activities including hiking, camping and wildlife viewing.  One of the most popular parts of the park is...

Petrolia - Punta Gorda Lighthouse

King Range National Convervation Area
Petrolia, California 95558
Southwest Humboldt

The Punta Gorda Light Station was known as the "Alcatraz of Lighthouses" because of its inaccessibility and because Light House Service employees were supposedly exiled there due to...

Redcrest - Eternal Tree House

Avenue of the Giants
Redcrest , California 95569
Southern Humboldt

Created by a fire and modified since, this is your opportunity to step inside the stump of a mighty redwood tree. This treehouse is a unique stop along the Avenue of the Giants and the grounds...

Relax at a Local Park

Humboldt County

Sequoia Park , Arcata Community Forest , Rohner Park and the Southern Humboldt Community Park are just some of the incredible parks in Humboldt County.  We have parks in the...

Shelter Cove - Cape Mendocino Lighthouse

Machi Road
Shelter Cove, California 95589
Southern Humboldt

The Cape Mendocino Lighthouse has an interesting and storied history.  While it now sits peacefully at Mal Coombs Park at the tip of Point Delgada, it was once one of the most remote...


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