Trinidad - Sumeg Village

4150 Patrick's Point Drive
Trinidad, California 95570
Northern Humboldt
Phone: 916-653-6995

"Sumeg," the Yurok word for the Patrick's Point area, is home to Sumeg Village.  Sumeg Village, located in Patrick's Point State Park, is still used by the Yurok Community in educating their youth about the history and culture of its people.  The site features a sweat house, dance house and more. 
While at Patrick's Point, you can walk around the grounds and explore some of the rooms.  It's a pretty cool experience that needs to be treated with respect.
How to get there:
From Highway 101 South; take the Patrick's Point Drive exit and the park entrance will be on your right.
From Highway 101 North; take the Main Street exit into Trinidad.  Once you go back under the highway, turn right onto Patrick's Point Drive.  The park will be on your left a few miles up the road.

More info:
The Village is open to the public and can be reserved by calling 916-653-6995. 
Other things to do in the area:
While in Patrick's Point State Park, be sure to visit some of the other points of interest such as Wedding Rock, Lookout Point and Agate Beach.  Just to the south of Patrick's Point is the beautiful Trinidad State Beach area and College Cove Beach.
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