Klamath - (8 Miles, O&B) - Yurok Loop to Klamath Overlook via Coastal Trail

Highway 101
Klamath, California 95548
Del Norte

Gorgeous coastal hike that offers beautiful views, gorgeous beaches, fresh air and much more.  If you start at the Lagoon Pond parking lot and hike to the Klamath Overlook, you take on the uphill part first while enjoying almost immediate, eye-level views of the ocean.  
As the trail begins to head south along the coast, it also begins to go uphill; although the pace is moderate. 
Less than a mile after you start the hike, you'll reach Hidden Beach, an incredible beach that is right off the Coastal Trail.  Save some time, energy and snacks for some time to hang out here; it's worth it. 
Once you leave Hidden Beach and start heading up the trail, the views of the ocean become a little less frequent but it's stil beautiful and enjoyable. 
About a half-mile from the Overlook parking lot, there is a small fenced area where you can check out the incredible views and the rest of what's left of your hike.  
Once you get to the top, you are treated to fantastic views of where the Klamath River meets the Pacific Ocean as well as the ocean itself.  During whale watching seasons, this is a great place to try and spot them. 
Distance: 8 Miles - Out & Back
Degree of Difficulty:  Moderate
Dogs: No
Camping:  There is camping all around Klamath; our Humboldt County Camping Section also has info on some nearby places to the south. 
More info: 
You can also start at the Klamath Overlook and hike down to False Klamath (where you'll find the Yurok Loop Trail).  This route will take you downhill first and then back up to get to your car. 
How to get there: 
Just a few miles North of Klamath and just past Trees of Mystery, you'll see the Lagoon Pond Parking lot on the west side of the highway. 
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