Orick - (7.6 miles; O&B) - Skunk Cabbage Trail

Robinson Road
Orick, California 95555
Humboldt County

This is another one of our favorite hikes because you get to experience the tranquility of the coastal redwoods as you approach a vast, beautiful beach (please do your part in keeping it that way).  Like most hikes that lead to the beach, this one runs along a ridge and then drops down to the beach.  It's an easy-to-moderate trail but after playing at the beach, the hike back up can seem long (not always a bad thing, right?). 
It's hard not to be anxious to get the coast but the entire hike is gorgeous and peaceful.  It would be worth taking even if it didn't lead to an incredible beach. 

Degree of Difficulty: Moderate
Check out our Camping section for some chill, nearby places.  Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park also has some great camping, including some right on the beach. 

How to get there:
The trailhead is a short distance from Highway 101, just north of the Lady Bird Johnson Grove exit and south of Davison Road (to Fern Canyon).  Check out the map for your best route to get there. 
More info: 
Parking is free but does fill up on sunny weekends.  You shouldn't have a problem finding parking but the earlier the better. 

Other fun things to do in the area: 
Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park has lots to offer, including the popular Fern Canyon.  There are also some incredible Beaches that line the coast in the area including Gold Bluffs Beach.  Visit our Dining section for some great places to eat. 
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