Bend - (8.5 Miles; One-Way) - Jellys Ferry to Perry Riffle

Jellys Ferry Road
Bend, California 96007
Tehama County

In the Spring and Summer, when the wildflowers are in bloom and the birds and and other animals are shaking off the winter cold, this becomes one of our favorite hikes. 
Starting at the Jellys Ferry Boat Launch area, or Perry Riffle depending on which way you want to go, this trail runs along the Sacramento River, through a variety of meadows, over creeks, under trees, up on bluffs and down in valleys.  It's an easy to moderate hike with little elevation change and a clean, well maintained path. 
Regardless of which direction you go, you'll pass by/through Massacre Flat which is a great place to stop and have a picnic or dip your toes in the Sacramento River. 
The photos will give you a pretty good idea of what to expect.  

Here is a MAP of the hike.  You'll be hiking from Point 9 (Jellys Ferry) to Point 13 (Perry Riffle).  You can also take the hike from Point 13 (Perry Riffle) to Point 9 (Jellys Ferry)
Distance: 8.5 Miles; One-Way
Degree of Difficulty:  Easy/Moderate
Dogs:  Yes, on leash only
Camping:  You can camp at Massacre Flat.  It's a primitive campground but does have bathrooms. 
More info:
If you decide to do the one-way hike, you'll need to leave a car at either Perry Riffle or Jellys Ferry although the trailheads are not too far apart from each other.  You can also hike out & back from Jelly's Ferry (9) to Massacre Flat (10) or from Perry Riffle (13) to Massacre Flat (10).
Perry Riffle is located inside the Sacramento River Bend Area which is a wonderful park with some short trails, picnic areas, a small lake (you can fish here) and more.   
How to get there:
From I-5, just north of Red Bluff, take the Jellys Ferry Road exit and follow it until you reach the one lane bridge.  The parking lot and trailhead are just on the other side of the bridge.  If you want to start at Perry Riffle, take Bend Ferry Road to the right after leaving I-5.  Take a look at the map for more specific directions. 
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