Dunsmuir - Hedge Creek Falls

4131 Dunsmuir Avenue
Dunsmuir, California 96025
Siskiyou County

This is one of those waterfalls that people would hike miles to see and yet it's located right off I-5 in Dunsmuir.  The entire trail (less than 1 mile) is worth taking even though the falls are one of the first things you see.  
One of the cool things about this waterfall is that there is a cave behind it where the trail runs so you get to go under/behind it along your way.  
At the end of the trail there is an observation deck overlooking the Sacramento River.  Mt. Shasta sits boldly in the background.  
Bring your camera, the photo opportunities are pretty incredible for such a short trail. 
How to get there:
The map shows you the parking lot for the falls.  The entrance is right across the street; you'll see a sign. 
More info:
The pics were taken during the winter; there's not always snow.  The trail can be slippery at times.
Other things to do in the area:
You can take in the beauty of the Upper Sacramento River, enjoy a picnic or just generally goof off at Dunsmuir City Park which is also home to the Dunsmuir Botanical Gardens.  The Dunsmuir Museum is full of history of the area and makes for a fun and interesting stop. 
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