Dunsmuir - Mossbrae Falls

Scarlett Avenue
Dunsmuir, California 96025
Siskiyou County

There are a number of incredible waterfalls in Siskiyou County but this may be our favorite.  Mossbrae Falls combines beauty and tranquility with adventure and fun! 
Located along the Sacramento River in Dunsmuir, these falls are awe-inspiring in that they pour out from the hillside and are quite wide.  Because they are located on a turn in the river, they also help provide a great swimming hole for those hot summer days. 
There are plenty of places to spread out, enjoy a picnic and spend the day fishing, playing in the water or just relaxing in the peace that can be found here. 
To get to the falls, you have to walk along working railroad tracks which is kind of exciting because you will most likely see a moving train pass right by you as part of your adventure.  This can be exhilarating but also dangerous.  Respect the train and make sure you have plenty of clearance as the train passes; on the Sacramento River side of the tracks.  
How to get there:
Park outside of the Shasta Retreat on Dunsmuir Avenue.  There is no parking in the retreat.  Walk through the retreat and you will come to the Sacramento River.  Take the bridge across the river and turn right (north), walking along the railroad tracks.  You'll walk a little over a mile before you come to a train bridge that also crosses over the Sacramento River.  Mossbrae Falls will be on your right, just before this bridge.  You can see what the bridge looks like in our pictures below.  
Park outside the retreat which you find just north of Dunsmuir City Park.  Our experience and that of others is that GPS is unreliable in getting you there. 
More info:
You do have to walk through the Shasta Retreat to get to the railroads tracks; both of which are located on private property.  There seems to be an understanding that this will be allowed as long as people passing through are respectful.  If you make this trip, respect the fact that the resort and the railroad have seemingly allowed access.  
*We are are not promoting trespassing and are simply relaying how to get to the waterfall.  
Other fun things to do in the area:
Just south of Dunsmuir, in Castella, find Castle Crags, an amazing park with hiking, camping, swimming and more.  North, in Mt. Shasta, check out Lake Siskiyou and/or Castle Lake and don't miss the Sisson Museum; one of the best in the area.
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