Dunsmuir - Siskiyou Arts Museum

5824 Dunsmuir Avenue
Dunsmuir, California 96025
Siskiyou County
Phone: 530-235-4711

Located in the heart of Dunsmuir, the Siskiyou Arts Museum hosts rotating and permanent exhibits, art shows, special events, workshops, classes and much more. 
When you road trip up through Dunsmuir, this is a great gallery that will leave you inspired. 

How to get there:
The Gallery is located in downtown Dunsmuir, just south of Dunsmuir Brewery Works.  Check out the map for your best route to get there. 
More info:
The Museum's Website has more information or follow the Museum on Facebook for updates. 
Other things to do in the area:
The Dunsmuir Museum & RR Display Room is an interesting stop if you're looking to discover some history of the area.  Dunsmuir City Park, which is home to the Dunsmuir Botanical Gardens, is a nice place to relax or play right along the Sacramento River.
The photos are from the gallery's website and facebook page.  Click on them to enlgarge 

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