Dorris - Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge

Lower Klamath Auto Tour Route
Dorris, California 96023
Siskiyou County
Phone: 530-667-2231

Siskiyou County has some pretty cool parks and this is definitely one of them.  Established in 1908, this is the nation's oldest waterfowl refuge and is home to thousands of migratory birds and other wildlife.  The park is very popular with the birding crowd but walkers, hikers and general lovers of the outdoors will enjoy exploring this park as well.  
The views of Mt. Shasta and the surrounding areas are simply incredible and the peace that you'll find here is unparalleled.   
How to get there:
The park is east of Highway 97 near Dorris.  Highway 161, along the Oregon border, cuts through the park.  Check out the map for your best route to get there.
More info:
There is an Auto Tour Route through the park but we highly recommend you make as many stops as possible to get out and explore the area. 
Other things to do in the area: 
Tulelake National Wildlife Refuge is to the east. To the south, you'll find Lava Beds National Monument, which at times, will make you feel like you're on another planet. 
*Click on the photos below to enlarge them.  They are from the park's website.

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