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Where did you get those names?

Doerner Fir – At a height of 327 feet, the Doerner Fir (Douglas Fir), located in Coos County, Oregon, is the 3rd tallest tree in the world and the 2nd tallest tree in North America.

Centurion – The Centurion (Eucalyptus regnans) is the tallest non-redwood tree in the world and the 2nd largest overall. Located in Australia, this tree just barely grabs the second spot at a height of 327.5 feet; one half foot taller than Doerner Fir.

Hyperion – The contest for the tallest tree in the world isn’t even close and it’s located right here in Northern California! Rooted over on the coast, Hyperion (Redwood Tree) stands at a towering 380.3 feet, more than 50 feet taller than Centurion.

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