Lassen Volcanic National Park - Manzanita Lake

Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway (Highway 89)
Shingletown, California 96088
Shasta County
Phone: 530-595-4480

Swimming, fishing, kayaking and canoeing are popular activities at Manzanita Lake, located in Lassen Volcanic National Park.   This beautiful lake has some pretty incredible views and a nice, easy one and a half mile trail that goes around it.
Bird watchers and other fans of wildlife will enjoy looking for geese, ducks, beavers, deer and other animals that call the lake area home. 
How to get there:
The entrance to the park is a few mils east of Shingletown (49 miles east of Redding).  Manzanita Lake will be on your right after you enter the park.  The best access to it is in the area of the Manzanita Lake Campground.  You'll see signs for it once you enter the park. 
Camping info:
This, the most popular campground at Lassen, sits right near the lake and gives visitors access to all the lake has to offer.  Click HERE for more information about the Manzanita Lake Campground. Be sure to visit our Camping at Lassen Volcanic National Park section for more information about camping in the park. 
More info:
Stop by the Loomis Museum, which you'll get to before the campground, for park info and some really cool displays related to the last eruption in the park.
Other fun things to do while you're in the park:
Be sure to visit Bumpass Hell while you're at Lassen.  If you're looking for an amazing hike with spectacular views, trek on up to Lassen Peak.  Our section on Lassen Volcanic National Park is full of fun things to do while you're there. 
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