Burney - Burney Falls

24898 Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway
Burney, California 96013
Shasta County
Phone: 530-335-2777

While we have provided plenty of pictures of Burney Falls, none of them quite showcase the beauty and pure awesomeness of these falls. You must really visit the park and see them to grasp what they have to offer. 
Water seeps through the porous volcanic rock while also streaming over the top, giving the waterfall a unique look that will take your breath away.  
There is a short 1.3 mile trail that takes you up and around the falls that is worth taking.  For much of the trail, the view of the waterfall is hidden by lush trees and other vegetation and at the peak, you get great views of water right before it makes the plunge.  
The waterfall is really extraordinary and will be enjoyed by people of all ages. 

How to get there:
The park is located off of Highway 89; north of Highway 299.  You'll see the entrance from the road. Our handy map will give you more specific directions. 
Camping info:
There are 121 camp spots available and cabins that can be rented.  Visit our Camping Section for more information about camping here. 
Park info:
McArthur-Burney Falls State Park is a pretty incredible place.  In addition to the amazing waterfall, there is also a marina where you can rent boats (or bring your own) and play in Lake Britton or hang out on the park's five miles of coastline enjoying a picnic, playing and swimming!  Fishing is a popular activity here so don't forget your poles when you make the trip. There is also a store, gift shop and much more.  
More info:
It is $8 to enter the park and worth every penny. 
Other fun things to do in the area:
Lassen Volcanic National Park is a short drive away and is one of the best parks in the state.  To the east, visit the wonders of Ahjumawi Lava Springs in McArthur or visit the Fort Crook Museum in Fall River Mills.  South of Highway 44 on Highway 89, the Hat Creek Radio Observatory is an interesting visit as is the Subway Cave Lava Tube.  
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