Lassen Volcanic National Park - Kings Creek Falls

Highway 89
Mineral, California 96063
Shasta County
Phone: 530-595-4480

On many hikes, the waterfall is the best part of the adventure but that's not necessarily true with Kings Creek Falls.  While the 30-foot falls are beautiful and a site to be seen, the 3-mile loop to get there has quite a few other cool attractions as well.  Visitors are treated to great views of distant mountains and valleys, wildflowers, meadows, wildlife and more. 
Once you get to the falls, there is an observation deck which is perfect for enjoying a snack or relaxing and listening to the sounds of the bustling falls. 
On the return trip, you have two choice on how to get back to the trailhead; the way you came or the cascade foot trail.  We recommend the cascade foot trail which allows you to enjoy Kings Creek as it flows down the mountain and toward the falls.  It's really quite an impressive site to see. 

How to get there:
Take a look at the map for the trailhead.  
More info:
There is limited parking at the trailhead along the side of the road.  The earlier you can get there, the better. 
Other cool things to do in the area:
Lassen Volcanic National Park is full of adventurous and fun things to do.  Bumpass Hell is really quite amazing.  If you're looking for an amazing hike, the trip up to Lassen Peak is it!  For a short hike that has a lot to offer, the Terrace, Shadow and Cliff Lake Hike is worth the time.  Don't miss Mill Creek Falls while you're at Lassen. 
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