Montgomery Creek - Hatchet Creek Falls

Big Bend Road
Montgomery Creek, California 96065
Shasta County

Hatchet Creek Falls has it all; a beautiful waterfall, cliff diving, a great swimming hole and places to relax.  Located roughly forty-five mintues east of Redding, climb up the log that leans against the waterfall and jump into the water from the log or the rocks at the top, a unique feature of this particular waterfall.   
Whether you come to Hatchet Creek Falls to swim and play or to relax and enjoy its beauty, a trip out to Montgomery Creek to visit the falls is worth it. 
How to get there:
From Highway 299, just east of Montgomery Creek, take Big Bend Road north.  Right before you cross Hatchet Creek, there will be a parking lot on your right.  The trail is on the right side of the parking lot and will lead you up to the falls. 
More info:
The trail is short can be difficult for some.  Good shoes will go a long way in getting there safely.
Other things to do in the area:
The incredible Burney Falls are just east of Hatchet Creek.  A visit to the Hat Creek Radio Observatory is a pretty unique experience and if you're continue east on Highway 299, stop by Fall River Lake or visit Ahjumawi Lava Springs State Park

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